Microsoft researchers purge Skype

Software King of the World Microsoft has worked out a way to cut down on fake accounts across Skype in a move which could kill off spammers in the network.

The AI method looks at sources including a user’s profile, activities and social connections using  what Vole dubs a supervised machine-learning environment that could automates the presently manual tasks of fraud detection.

So far, the results show the framework boosted fraud detection rates for particular account types by 68 percent with a five percent false positive rate.

According to a Volish report there are a few types of fraud relevant to Skype including, in particular, credit card fraud and other online payment fraud, as well as account abuse such as spam instant messages.

The idea of the system is to catch those fraudsters that elude the first line of defences at Skype.

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Canadian scientists fear Conservative book burning

Canadian scientists fear that the Conservative government is destroying access to research libraries and are frantically building unofficial libraries of their own.

According to a report obtained by CBS News, the government is ignoring reports to keep libraries open and books and research was taken to the rubbish tip.

The government claims that the libraries are not being used, but some of that might be down to the fact that inter-library loan functions were outsourced to a private company called Infotrieve and physical collections have been rendered less accessible.

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Network Solutions’ billing called into question

American technology company Network Solutions has started hitting up its customers for fees for a security product they did not ask for, it is alleged by this site.

The domain name registration business manages more than a million domain names and has been sending their customers a bill for security services and they are not cheap.

According to a mister called  Brent Simmons he got an email from that told him he had been enrolled in its WebLock Program.

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Microsoft to kill RT

Windows has put its ARM based Windows RT on death row in favour of Windows Phone and Windows 8

Senior executive Julie Larson-Green, who is executive vice-president of Devices and Studios at Microsoft, said that the aim of Windows RT was to have a crack at creating a closed, turnkey experience similar to what Apple does on the iPad.

According to the Guardian she said it was silly for Vole to have three operating systems. It has regular Windows and Mobile Windows and only having two makes sense.

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Apple plays its get out of jail free card

The fruity cargo cult Apple has once again proved it is above the law by managing to get a court to defer using a monitor to protect its customers from its anti-trust antics.

A court ordered Apple to work with a monitor after it was found guilty of running a cartel to jack up the price of e-books for its customers. Jobs’ Mob denied it had ever run a cartel and refused to work with the monitor Michael Bromwich even after it had been found guilty. When he complained to the court, as any good probation officer would, Apple claimed he was biased and demanded he was removed.

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Cameron’s porn filter is a massive fail

David Cameron’s attempt to keep children safe from the evil internet when they have been abandoned in a pub appears to be failing on many different levels.

The filter designed to catch porn and adult content inadvertently blocked a game update which contained the letters ‘s-e-x’

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Intel releases new batch of fourth-generation Core processors

Fashion bag maker Intel has taken time out from its busy round of catwalks and shows to release a new batch of fourth-generation Core processors designed for notebooks.

Nine new mobile Haswell CPUs have hit the shops and are a mix of Core i5 and i7 chips that will power performance portables, though a couple are ultra-low-voltage (ULV) processors that can be used in Ultrabooks.

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World+dog rushes to buy privacy tools

The world and its pooch appears to be rushing to buy security tools to keep hackers and government snoops out of their PCs, according to a new survey.

The survey – by GlobalWebIndex – said that more than 56 percent of the world felt the internet was eroding their personal privacy and more than 415 million people or 28 percent of the online population use tools to disguise their identity or location.

Adding up all the numbers and dividing by its shoe size and taking market research data from 170,000 internet users worldwide, GWI found that 11 percent of all users claim to use Tor, the most high profile for anonymising internet access.

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Big Blue trips over China

The ever shrinking violet Biggish Blue missed revenue expectations for the fourth straight quarter claiming it was seeing weakening demand for servers and storage in China.

Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty and her team will abandon their annual incentive payments for 2013 because IBM failed to increase revenue. China was particularly embarrassing as the government-owned corporations that IBM relies on for a large chunk of revenue stopped buying.

China represents five percent of IBM’s business, about 40 percent of which is hardware sales. China was proving inscrutable, executives moaned and a new government headed by Xi Jinping is spearheading significant structural reforms that are affecting state-owned companies.

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Verizon buys Intel’s TV business

Verizon has announced it is buying the fashion bag maker Intel’s failed television project.

Intel made a big thing of its plan to launch a set-top box, with its partner Verizon. Then it said it was going to give up and wanted to flog the whole lot off for $500 million.

Verizon will buy the assets of Intel Media, a division set up to develop “over the top” TV services.

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